Winter enduro round 3 results

Here are the results from the third and final round of our Winter enduro series.  Great to have some new riders out there on the track giving it a go!



Place Rider
1 Tim Hurcomb
2 Carl Lampe Jr
3 Matthew Simpson
4 Blair Malcolm + Ollie Malcolm
5 Mason Dunlop
6 Tony Debarr
7 Richie Ryder + Sophie Brown
8 Gil Smith
9 Adam Wysocki
10 Alex Reid


Place Rider
1 Tim Hurcomb
2 Matthew Simpson
3 Blair Malcolm + Ollie Malcolm


Place Rider
1 Mason Dunlop
2 Tony Debarr
3 Richie Ryder + Sophie Brown


Place Rider
1 Carl Lampe Jr
2 Adam Wysocki


Place Rider
1 Alex Reid