Redhot Marine North Island Champs 2022 Info & Entry

Redhot Marine North Island Champs 2022

January 22nd-23rd 2022 – Onepoto Road, Titahi Bay, Porirua


*** New riders welcome!  ***



Entry Forms must be received prior to January 11th. There will be a $30.00 late fee for any entries received after this. Entry Forms can be completed online with the form at the bottom of this page.

Payment can either be made via direct credit to the WJSC Bank account, or paid on the day in cash.


Racing will be held over 2 days with 4 rounds per day.

Proposed schedule:

8–9am Registration and Scrutineering,

9.45am Riders briefing,

10.00 am Course induction,

10.30am Racing commences,

4.00pm approx race completion.



Here are a few options of accommodation; all within 10 minutes drive to the race venue.

Aotea Lodge –

Belmont Lodge (caters to families and groups) –

Mana Motel –

Amethyst Court –


The Wellington Powerboat Club clubrooms are located on Onpoto Road, Titahi bay.  You can click the button below to be taken directly to a google map of the location where you can get directions

Prize Giving

The prize giving will be held at the clubrooms after the event.

For any queries or additional information please free feel to contact Maggie Lampe on 022 465 2673 or email

Entry Form


Please select all classes you wish to enter

Entry fees

Round 1 entry $70.00 Pre-entry
Payment on the day is acceptable
($100.00 if entered on the day)
Additional classes $20.00 per class
Round 2 entry $70.00 Pre-entry
Payment on the day is acceptable
($100.00 if entered on the day)
Additional classes $20.00 per class

Please make your payment via direct credit or on the day in cash.
Direct credit details:
Wellington Jet Sport Club,
Account: 02-0576-0177669-00
Payment MUST be made prior to competing.

You will receive an email with this payment information upon submitting this entry.

Note: An indemnity form is to be completed on race day. A parent or guardian must sign the application if the applicant is under 18 years of age.

Your entry fee total is $


  1. The Redhot Marine North Island Champs are a 2 round event, hosted over a single weekend. Points will be accumulated from each event & overall placings will be awarded at the final event. There are 4 rounds of racing per event.
  2. The Redhot Marine North Island Champs run to the current IJSBA rule book adopted by the NZJSBA (see website for details) and incorporates any supplementary rules as set by the NZJSBA (see website). All riders are required to familiarise themselves with said rules before competing. If you are unclear about any rule, it is the responsibility of the rider to seek clarification from the appointed NZJSBA technical Director and/or NZJSBA executive committee.
  3. Runabout stock/lites classes are governed by NZJSBA supplementary rules to accommodate NZ regulations and conditions and to bring a modern cost effective approach to stock class racing in NZ.
  4. Pole Ski riders: The wearing of back braces is now mandatory in racing at all events.
  5. Additional classes may be considered if minimum of 5 entries are reached. Application should be made to hosting club at least 3 weeks prior to event with proof of entries. Classes that do not reach the minimum entries to race may be combined with another class. To foster the future of the tour and sport, if a rider makes the effort to attend the event and races in a combined class, points will be awarded in their entered class regardless of the number of craft in the class. To be eligible for tour trophies a class MUST run over a minimum of 3 rounds.
  6. All Junior development riders must have clearance from the NZJSBA Executive 10 days prior to the event and have met all dispensation requirements.
  7. Novice or 1st time riders should make race organisers aware of their intentions to race prior to the event and may be required to undergo pre race training with an appointed NZJSBA representative.
  8. All competitors must adhere and abide by the NZJSBA code of conduct at all times. This also applies to pit crew and supporters at each event. A copy is available on our web site.
  9. To be eligible to race, competitors MUST comply with NZJSBA licensing regulations.
  10. Proposed Racing Schedule: Proposed schedule; 8am – 9am Registration and Scrutineering, 9.45am Riders briefing, 10.00 am Course induction, 10.30am Racing commences, 4pm approx race completion.
  11. The North Island Champs will run the moto scoring system for rounds per day and individual days results; 1st 60,2nd 53, 3rd 48 …then 43, 39, 36, 33, 30, 27, 24, 22, 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4. A rider is given points for each round of racing (max 4 per day). The points for each of the rounds are totalled at the conclusion of the day to find the overall results. In the event of an overall tie in points for an individual day, the winner will be decided using the methods detailed in the IJSBA Rulebook, ie greatest number of 1st’s, 2nd’s, 3rd’s etc.. if still tied, rider with highest placing in last race will take the days honours. At the end of the season each race day’s overall points are tallied to award NZ Tour championship. (Maximum points awarded if a rider has won each individual day’s event 4 days @ 60pts = 240).If the results for the overall tour is tied and methods detailed in IJSBA rule book still result in a tie, individual race results for each day will be tallied. If this results in a tiebreaker the rider with the highest place in the last race will take overall honours.
  12. Overall North Island Champs Certificates/Prizes will be awarded for eligible classes at the completion of round 2.